We provide various custom designed modular construction solutions for various projects. Modular buildings can be erected in days rather than months ensuring a faster return on investment for owners. The factory controlled construction systems have a higher level of quality than traditional construction methods as each and every construction stage of your modular unit is closely supervised, checked and scrutinised to uphold our highest quality standards.



The BATHROOM POD is ideal for multi-family residential schemes, hotel developments, student accommodation and commercial office developments and is available in any level of finish which can incorporate features such as luxury showers, baths, marble tiles, glass enclosures, ADA facilities and multi-cubicle. BATHROOM POD's include all insulation, plumbing and electrical services ready to be connected at a single service point to mains. POD's can be stacked to create a structural support component of a build adding strength and stability to the structure.


This is the fastest method for Hotel construction available. The rooms are delivered complete with en-suite, air conditioning unit, windows and require only the floor finish and bedroom furniture to complete. They are stacked on top of each other to form the Hotel structure with all corridor areas supplied as DROP IN FLOOR while the roof can be supplied as single trusses or DROP ON ROOF allowing a cost effective, rapid build program and ultimately a faster return for investors. The AFS hotel solution is built on strong working relationships with our clients. We help developers, designers and project managers achieve their objectives by delivering solutions in fixtures and equipment, bathrooms, and building materials. We are familiar with the quality standards and procedures of many major hotel companies and their developers.


Our prefab kitchen pods feature absolute flexibility in their design and materials to meet the quality and design standards for our clients. We produce kitchen pods for residential houses, apartments, villas, hotel suites, condominiums and other buildings. Prefab kitchen pods are extremely beneficial units when compared to kitchen construction in the traditional sense because of the complexity a traditional kitchen project entails. AFS takes a complicated project with many materials, components, products and skilled labor and reduces it to a functional product delivered to the site, requiring only limited installation time and costs.


The fast build prison cell solution comes complete with toilet and wash facilities. The walls are lined with steel sheeting beneath the wall finishes making escape impossible from the POD without steel cutting equipment. PODS have all toilet and wash facilities and are fitted with easy-clean surfaces throughout.


Built to meet all required specification for hospital or assisted living facilities, the POD's can include such features as patient hoists, nurse call, patient data systems, infra red touch-less wash facilities, gas and oxygen outlets and virtually anything required for specific patient needs. All POD systems are tested and certified by qualified contractors prior to delivery to site.  

AFS Modular Assisted Living Conversions are an innovative approach to providing quality living accommodation for people with disabilities. Modular conversions are bedroom/bathroom extensions constructed offsite in factory-controlled conditions which are delivered to the home, fully decorated and fitted out ready for hook up to services. The exterior is clad to match the existing home as closely as possible, minimising visual impact. AFS Disabled Adaptations provide a cost-effective and speedy build solution and they can be relocated to another home easily, if necessary, thereby offering substantial long-term savings. In addition, disruption to the home is kept to an absolute minimum because it takes less than a day for the modular Adaptation to be craned into position. Tenants can enjoy improved quality of life at the earliest convenience and without the hassle of living at a building site. In developing our modular Adaptations, AFS worked with Occupational Therapist professionals and Local Healthcare Proffesionals. We offer a range of modular conversion designs to suit most individual requirements ranging from bathroom only units to bedrooms with ensuites and lobby.

Accelerated Modular Construction Schedule



This accelerated modular construction process is used to meet our clients’ schedule requirements.

General summary of events for this process:

  • Manufactured drawings and specifications are completed for review and approval
  • Site work commences to install foundation, utilities and initial site grading
  • Modules are constructed at a selected factory
  • Modules are shipped to the site and installed over the completed foundation
  • Custom roof, if part of the design, is constructed and installed on site
  • Final interior and exterior finishes are applied and utility connections are made
  • Final site grading, concrete work and landscaping complete the project process

We engineer your Design
Advanced Framing Solutions pre-engineered products are custom designed to meet your individual project specifications by our design team; integrating with the structural, mechanical, and fire safety requirements of your building, we also have an in house interior designer to help with pod layout, fixtures and finishes if the client wishes otherwise they are specified by the customer. Our pods are designed to fit within the building structure as an appliance, independent of the individual project requirements for fire ratings, and to be load bearing or non-load bearing depending on the requirements.

Engineering & Pricing
Engineered for Seamless Integration into your project, the only noticeable difference between a factory built product and a site built item will be the improved quality and consistency of those built in   Advanced Framing Solutions controlled manufacturing facilities in Miami. Although the sequencing of installation and mechanical hook-up may change due to site requirements, the end product will be identical where pods are concerned.

Long-Term Quality
Advanced Framing Solutions utilizes the best materials in quality and durability so that not only does the kitchen/bathroom look good, but will reduce long term service and repair needs.

Fixed Price
A fixed price contract is used to define pricing and terms, as well as outline roles and responsibilities of both parties. Advanced Framing Solutions goal is to ensure good communication so your project goes exactly as planned. Once the contract is executed, production time is locked and procurement begins.

Customer Approval of Sample POD
In order to ensure that communication between Advanced Framing Solutions and the customer is exact, Advanced Framing Solutions builds one reference unit that the customer personally inspects and approves prior to full scale production. Advanced Framing Solutions guarantees that each subsequent unit meets the same precise specifications the customer approved on the first unit.

Production, Inspection and Test
Advanced Framing Solutions uses the latest manufacturing technologies, including bespoke design software and automated production resulting in extreme precision and improved fit and finish. Our staff negotiates the best possible pricing direct from large manufacturers, eliminating expensive middlemen. Quality is controlled by refined production processes with testing and inspection during each step. This includes electrical tests and pressure testing of plumbing lines. All bathrooms are shipped with a marine grade shrink wrap covering to prevent any moisture damage while on the construction site. This protective layer does not need to be removed for craning and protects the unit until the building is weather tight.

Deliver to Schedule
Advanced Framing Solutions understand the importance of on-time construction schedules, and we realize that the pods must be available when required. The schedule is based on the actual construction sequence agreed upon.

Installation and Connections
Advanced Framing Solutions supply the lifting frame with delivery of the first pods. Only this method should be utilized for craning the pods into place. This lifting equipment will be certified by our specialty engineer. The Pods are lifted by crane and set into the building. Depending on the construction type and riser design, the pods are either set in their final position or are left adjacent to this position and slid into place at the appropriate time. Plumbing and electric connections are greatly simplified because we design our terminations specific to each job. We provide electrical lines that can be installed into a local junction box. Plumbing connections consists of hot/cold lines which we terminate in a convenient location and waste lines that are easily hooked into the stacks.

Final Inspection
Advanced Framing Solutions guarantees that each kitchen and bathroom meets the standard set by the sample unit, which was initially approved by the customer. Advanced Framing Solutions engineers inspect the kitchens and bathrooms at the site with the customer to ensure that all expectations have been met.